About Her!

Hey Girl Hey! I’m Timprea (The SHE.E.O) of UDA

Why I started this business? It all started a few years back, with a feeling I never thought I’d experience. Always being the “petite girl” after pregnancy and many many changes in my outer appearance, then giving birth. I felt like I didn’t look good. Only to later develope health issues (diagnosed with Lupus & suffering from so many changes) that made me the “fluffy girl” I fell into a place of low self esteem and very insecure about my looks. I didn’t feel so “Cute” even when I got dressed. One day I dazzled up my little laid back outfit and it boosted my confidence. Yes! Just by throwing on a few dainty pieces. I suddenly felt like “You looking good today Sis." I then begin to wonder 🤔 How many more of ME is out there? A few years later I went through even more health issues and changes. So after shedding tears, long talks, thoughts, prayers, and trying to find ways to make me feel good both inner and outer. I started talking about and dreaming of opening up the business. Oh and constantly awaking my husband late nights to talk “BUSINESS” talk. 

Along came my baby Uniquely Different Accessories. I wanted to give you ladies that same opportunity who felt or feel the VERY SAME WAY I did. So I invested in many different brands of clothing & accessories at affordable prices that will hopefully give you a boost of high self esteem, courage and security all while having you feeling sexy, stylish and confident.

And knowing that God has made us all Uniquely Different. I feel like this is a great way to show off .     ”YOUR DIFFERENT”.  
So I absolutely look forward to seeing you all in your U-Different Collection 🥰